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B12 Injections

Vitamin B-12 may be given every week to every month.


Vitamin B-12 helps maintain good health and has been shown to be beneficial in helping to reduce appetite, stress, and fatigue; improve immune system, mental awareness, energy, sleep, memory and cardiovascular health; and is useful to lose or maintain body weight. B-12 supplements the effectiveness of Phentermine or Phendimetrazine.


Vitamin B-12 is necessary for healthy skin, hair, nails, muscles, eyes, and brain/nerve cells.


B-12 Injections are better absorbed by the body, compared to pills, drops, or nasal sprays, since it is absorbed directly into the blood stream.


Common side effects of B-12 injections include mild nausea or headache.


Rare B-12 side effects include rapid heartbeat, muscle cramps, dizziness, skin rashes, wheezing and coughing.


Vitamin B-12 may interact with herbal products, nutritional supplements, other medications, and cause additional side effects. B-12 does not interact adversely with Phentermine or Phendimetrazine.


DO NOT TAKE Vitamin B-12 injections if you are allergic to sulfa, or are pregnant, breast feeding, have kidney disease, liver disease, eye or bone marrow disease.

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