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Phentermine Instruction Sheet

Benefits of Phentermine and other recommendations

Phentermine Instruction Sheet in SPANISH

Beneficios de Phentermine y otras recomendaciones

Phentermine Consent Form


Phentermine Use for 1 to 7 years

Many patients have used Phentermine safely for 1 to 7 years to maintain their weight loss.

50 years of Phentermine

Physicians have been prescribing Phentermine for 50 years

ARTICLE: "Phentermine Patient Drug Information"

Medical weightloss articles.

ARTICLE: "Patient Education Health Risks of Being Overweight"

Medical weightloss articles.

ARTICLE: "Obesity Drug Treatment"

Medical weightloss articles.

Can vitamin B12 be harmful?

Vitamin B12 has not been shown to cause any harm.

BMI Chart

Your BMI accurately estimates your total body fat. And, the amount of fat that you carry is a good indicator of your risk for a variety of diseases. There are two ways to check your BMI:

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